Retail Tomorrow

Retail Tomorrow

Retail Tomorrow is a GMDC initiative that organizes a community of companies and entrepreneurs dedicated to enhancing the shopping experience, primarily in the grocery, mass, convenience and drug channels. Retail Tomorrow provides thought leadership to help grow brands and technologies in the marketplace by focusing on improving the overall customer experience.

Working together with the Retail Tomorrow team, we created an immersive single page design website with a robust, easy to use back-end editor and built-in lead management. The result is a clean modern site which effectively supports the Retail Tomorrow mission and maintains the flexibility to be updated on the fly to meet changing goals and demands.

To create a clean and unified web presence for Retail Tomorrow, we crafted a single simple single page design. Full width panes with dynamic engaging backgrounds create a modern design anchored by an automatically generated sticky menu. To keep the user's focus, details are presented using a combination of inline expanding sections and modals.

-Automatic menu items

-Multitude of layouts and design options

-Simple organization of information

-Managed access to videos and other content

-Single registrations tracked through time and multiple sessions