Palmer Land Trust

Palmer Land Trust

Palmer's portfolio consists of breathtaking landscapes and scenic vistas protected forever.

To showcase their non-profit work, we worked together to design and build a robust content editor and management system to deliver full-width imagery and powerful messages. In the end, we created a full functioning tool that supports Palmer Land Trust's day to day mission and advances fundraising efforts.

Editable SVGs

When we designed graphics to represent Palmer's achievements over the past 40 years, we wanted to build them in such a way that they did not soon become outdated. To accomplish this we designed graphics in SVG, a vector format that allows the content to be edited straight from Drupal. Now, as Palmer Land Trust continues to protect more parks, open spaces, farms and ranches, the website can immediately be updated with the latest information, directly from the Drupal CMS.

CiviCRM Donations, Powered by Stripe

CiviCRM is a powerful tool for non-profits, but its donation forms leave a lot to be desired. For Palmer Land Trust, we wanted the donation process to be as simple and easy to use for donors. But we also wanted to be able to accept both one-time donations and recurring monthly donations. On top of all that, we wanted to save all of that information in their donor database, powered by CiviCRM.

To accomplish all of these goals, we built a custom donation form that can be placed anywhere on the website to guide the donor through the process of selecting the perfect donation amount. After entering their credit card information, the donation is sent off to Stripe for processing. Once the transaction has completed, Stripe fires off a web hook that saves all of the information in CiviCRM. 

Powerful Content Editing

On the Palmer Land Trust website pages are not just text pages with an image or two. They are comprised of highly stylized, full-width sections of content that highlight the beauty of the places Palmer works. To empower non-technical content editors to create pages like this, Oxbow Labs has built a content editor like no other. It balances power and ease of use, all the while maintaining brand guidelines. The outcome is an incredibly flexible set of tools to craft pages that look fantastic on desktop, mobile, and every device in-between.

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