Oxbow Labs leveraged Drupal Commerce to allow Flagline.com to manage 12,000 individual products. Customers are able to quickly find what they're looking for using a unique filtering system based on Apache Solr. Designing that perfect flag is a snap with Flagline's custom flag configurator.

Responsive Design

Mobile use on the internet has exploded over the past few years. But that doesn't mean that websites can simply add a "mobile version" of their site, and forget about it. Devices take on so many different forms, including phones and tablets of all different sizes. The challenge of displaying just the right amount of information to each screen is exacerbated when E-Commerce is added to the mix - especially when the number of products surpasses 10,000.

We combined interesting responsive design patterns to maximize screen real estate. On large screens (27" to 30" monitors) product lists expand to fill the entire width of the screen. Valuable real estate is conserved on smaller screens by implementing a slide-out product filter. Mobile phones are given three navigational elements:

  1. Main Menu - Short and sweet - A great place to start or restart your shopping experience
  2. Categories - Top level product categories let customers dig a little deeper
  3. Filters - To really find what you're looking for among Flagline's 12,000 products, filter by theme or geography

With responsive design the entire functionality of the website is at your fingertips, no matter what device you're using.

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Custom Flag Configurator

Managing 12,000 Products

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