BSCS (Biological Sciences Curriculum Study) is a non-profit curriculum study committed to transforming science teaching and learning, by generating and using research to develop products and services that improve science teaching and learning for all. BSCS uses and generates research to continually raise the standards for the development of materials and services that promote the teaching and learning of science.

BSCS engaged Oxbows strategy and development services to convert and upgrade an existing Drupal 6 website to Drupal 8. To achieve the goal of exhibiting the same content, but with a more robust, functionality rich system, with clearly organized lessons, Oxbow built a fully responsive Drupal 8 website with an easy to update custom lesson plan system, integrated quizzes, and a simple pseudo login feature for students to join classes created by their teachers.

Responsive Design

Unified design, regardless of device. Using dynamic mobile optimized menus, responsive content, and well thought out design, the website looks and works great on any device, be it phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Customized Lessons and Integrated Quizzes

BSCS’ new drupal 8 platform needed to allow administrators to easily organize lessons, and allow students to seamlessly progress through them. Together we built a system that leverages core Drupal functionality to sort pages, and add links to automatically advance between lesson slides, and between lessons. Integrated quizzes within lessons allow students to see their results, and share results within their class, as well as globally.

Pseudo Login System

To allow students to join a class and teachers to track their classes we built BSCS a system which allows students to securely join classes via a class specific code. Teachers are able to leverage this functionality to monitor their classes, while students benefit from being able to see the responses of their classmates, as well as the global responses of students who have used the program.