Blocki Perfumes

Blocki Perfumes is an American heritage perfumery that is passionate about creating beautiful images through fragrance. Blocki came to Oxbow looking for an established, motivated, dynamic web agency to help them execute a revived brand identity, and convey an intangible fragrance through the web.

In pursuit of these goals, Oxbow Labs’ collaborated with Blocki’s New York based design agency PowerShovel to create a website that combines meticulously crafted layouts, beautiful floral imagery, and movement. These features work together to build an engaging visual representation of Blocki's fragrances and history that captivates visitors.


To create a simple and easy to use CMS for Blocki's website,  we chose the Shopify platform. By using Shopify we were able to provide simple backend product and content management systems and an easy, secure checkout process. Leveraging Shopify’s flexible theming system, we created an intricate custom theme that showcases Blocki's artistic content and accurately portrays their brand message.

Parallax Scrolling

Using javascript to create parallax scrolling and animation, we created a depth of field that gives life to otherwise static pages. This movement captures the viewers, and instills the brand mood and imagery, while seamlessly showcasing their products. Thorough testing and customization ensured that the parallax and animation is optimized across all browsers and devices.

Responsive Design

Working with SASS we built an efficient design that responsively adapts to any device or screen size. Mobile optimized menus, and dynamic menus that scale to any device, of any size, ensure a smooth unified experience between devices. Whether a user is on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, Oxbow Labs’ responsive design makes certain Blocki’s site looks great on any device.

Client Logo - White
Blocki Logo