AdRoll Resources

AdRoll Resources

AdRoll is the global leader in retargeting. Over 20,000 marketers gain customers with AdRoll retargeting. AdRoll enables them to target their audience and drive sales with a unified platform that reaches across desktop, mobile, Facebook, Twitter, apps, and the web in support of their existing customers and in development of new clients. Running six offices across four continents, AdRoll is constantly producing invaluable resources related to their industry. With a need to create a more powerful system to deliver resources to their customers, Oxbow Labs was the perfect fit to build a robust custom solution.  


Using designs crafted by AdRoll’s internal design team, we created an easily deployable Drupal resources section that seamlessly integrates with their existing website. Leveraging the Marketo Forms 2.0 system, we built in dynamic forms that help AdRoll manage and support current customers and new business leads.  

Marketo Integration

Marketo bills itself as “the #1 automation solution for businesses of any size”, and seamlessly handles email marketing, inbound marketing, event marketing, and lead generation. Integrating with AdRoll’s Marketo team, we constructed a plan for managing access to AdRoll’s resources through Marketo’s Form 2.0 library. Developing with Marketo’s tools allowed us to dynamically embed AdRoll’s Marketo forms in their new resources section, while still allowing AdRoll to manage both the form and submission data/flows within Marketo’s dashboard.

Responsive Design

Working with SASS we built an efficient mobile design that responsively adapts to any device or screen size. Mobile optimized menus and dynamic menus that scale to any device of any size ensure a smooth unified experience between devices. Whether a user is on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, Oxbow Labs’ responsive design makes certain AdRoll’s resources always look great, and function beautifully.

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