Doubletake Mirror

Doubletake Mirror

Doubletake Mirror builds and sells nearly indestructible rearview mirrors for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. With RAM mounted for adjustability, impact protection, and ease of folding, they are a market leader in aftermarket motorcycle mirrors. Doubletake needed an advanced ecommerce store that could handle the specialized nature of their products, and integrate with their offsite fulfillment warehouse.

To meet Doubletake’s challenge we began by consulting on the website’s design, before building a robust drupal website. To handle the bulk of ecommerce capabilities, we built a customized installation of Drupal commerce. Ultimately to handle the specialized nature of each order, and increase conversions, we built a high functioning Ember.js app to customize each mirror package on an individual user basis.

Drupal Commerce Integration

Drupal commerce is an open source ecommerce framework for the Drupal CMS. Leveraging drupal commerce’s tools we built a powerful ecommerce store, that integrates with the paypal express and paypal payments pro to provide simple easy to use payment options. Doubletake’s installation of drupal commerce gives them the ability to easily add and edit products, track product inventory, interact with customers through robust notifications. Additionally using customized solutions the store adds support for their Endicia shipping label printer, and is optimized for use by Doubletake’s off site fulfilment warehouse.

Ember.js Mirror Configurator

Ember.js is a framework for creating ambitious web applications. Harnessing ember’s single page app power we built a high functioning mirror customizer that allows users to select their particular bike brand/model, and build custom packages including all required components for their particular bike. The customizer dynamically pulls data from the drupal CMS and adds the selected products to the user’s cart for checkout. To clearly convey the package contents to the user, the application not only adds the products to an itemized list, but also displays them in a responsive dynamic viewer.