Our Process

Our design process places significant emphasis on preliminary planning to ensure that the designer and client are working towards a shared vision before any traditional design comps are created. This process starts with black-and-white wireframes that help shape and define the functionality of the website. It is important to let the content dictate design, instead of the reverse.

We then begin investigating color and style through the use of mood boards or style tiles. These two design tools help to illuminate font, color and style preferences independent of layout and content. By separating these two design elements, we are able to create a much more informed first draft of a design comp that incorporates style, color, font, layout and content that best meets the client’s vision and project goals.

This single design comp is then refined as many times as is necessary for stunning results. We then expand the design to other areas of the website with stylized wireframes or full color comps, as needed. The Agile framework and Kanban principles manage the production process once design is revised and approved.